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100 Things Your Kids Need to Hear!

A counselor once told me that for every negative thing I point out in my child, such as a correction, I should back that up with 10 positive statements. Say what? 10:1.

Really? I remember thinking this was crazy. 

Case in point:

"Your room is a mess!"


"I love you, you're smart, handsome, clever, witty, and fun to be around, you're kind, loving, and caring. I am so proud of you!

Now go clean your room!!"

Um. notsomuch. 

I can't give my kids a 10 point shout out every time I correct them, but I could step it up in the praise department in general.

When was the last time you said something positive to your children? When was the last time you held your tongue, hid your attitude, and let the words out of your mouth reflect your true heart for your kids?

I need a dose of my own medicine this week, as I have been complaining. A lot.

My challenge to you (and me!) this week: Refrain from saying anything negative to or about your children.

Need some help?

Here are 100 things your kids need to hear!

100 things to say to your kids

100 things to say to your kids

1. I love you.

2. I'm proud of you.

3. Great job!

4. You're awesome!

5. You make me smile.

6. I love hanging out with you.

7. You are a blessing.

8. I love your sense of humor.

9. You're amazing!

10. You can do it!

11. I believe in you.

12. It's okay, mistakes happen.

13. Don't worry.

14. Do pray.

15. Put God first.

16. Forgive those who hurt you.

17. Stand up for yourself.

18. Follow your dreams.

19. I have faith in you!

20. I love laughing with you.

21. You look nice today.

22. You smell good.

23. I like that outfit.

24. You're so smart.

25. You're fantastic!

26. You are the best!

27. Yes!

28. That's OK!

29. Don't sweat the small stuff!

30. You have such a kind heart.

31. You're great with computers.

32. You are such a fast reader!

33. You're a great brother.

34. We are so lucky to have you.

35. You are wonderful!

36. You're so handsome.

37. You're going to make a great Daddy someday.

38. You are going to be such a loving husband one day.

39. Please.

40. Thank you.

41. I appreciate you!

42. You are so good at math.

43. You are caring.

44. You are kind.

45. You are loving.

46. You are special.

47. You are perfect.

48. You are unique.

49. You are a wonderful son.

50. You're a big help!

51. You are so great with little kids.

52. Don't give up.

53. Do follow your heart.

54. You are strong.

55. You are brave.

56. You are compassionate.

57. You are hilarious!

58. You are a great sharer.

59. You are a good friend.

60. Let's watch a movie together.

61. Let's bake a cake.

62. Let's get nachos!

63. You are a talented artist!

64. You are good with money.

65. I love your heart for Jesus!

66. Your faith is inspiring.

67. You're doing a great job!

68. Keep up the good work!

69. Way to go!

70. Stay positive!

71. Respect yourself.

72. You make me smile.

73. I'm happy you're here.

74. You're really good at that!

75. I'm thankful for you.

76. You have grateful heart.

77. You're fantastic!

78. You da man!

79. You're the bomb diggity!

80. You're all that and a bag of chips!

81. You are the shizzle!

82. You crack me up!

83. Believe in yourself.

84. I love your cuddles.

85. I love your kisses.

86. I love spending time with you.

87. You're a great speller!

88. You should try that!

89. Don't be scared.

90. I will always be here for you.

91. I love you unconditionally.

92. You make life worth living.

93. Good morning.

94. Sleep tight.

95. Say your prayers.

96. Thank the Lord for your blessings.

97. That's great!

98. You did it!

99. I'm listening.

100. I hear you.

Which one will you use today?

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