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Other Homeschool Moms Make Me Feel Bad

Other Homeschool Moms Make Me Feel Bad

other homeschool moms  

This is a post I've been mulling over for a while now but have been scared to hit publish. That being said, I know being scared to publish something is usually the first step in writing a post other people can relate to. Perhaps they're just too scared to say it themselves?

Maybe that's the case with this topic?

Or maybe I'm alone here and will proceed to wallow in my own self-pity for another week of failing as a homeschool mom?



Surely, there have to be other homeschool moms out there that struggle with insecurity?

Here's the thing. I read other homeschool blogs and see moms smiling as they let their children lead the way through the grace of an "unschooled" environment.  Johnny is off writing his own book about rocket science and Mary is learning to be a fashion designer as she sews her life away. They don't need math or regular structured learning because they're so darn smart already that textbooks are pretty much a waste of time.

They just "learn through living" and this works. And they make it look easy.


Ok, but...that's so not what things look like here. I wonder, am I alone in this?



Sometimes I feel inadequate and ill-equipped for this job.

In our home? School happens. It isn't something that I particularly *love* every day. I do it because, in spite of its challenges, I believe it's what's best for my family. I am committed but, I can't say I enjoy it all the time.

In fact, some days I don't like it at all because homeschooling is really hard when your kid hates math or would rather be playing video games than reading.


I don't love it when my kids are complaining about doing their work.

I don't love it when I feel like I'm always behind in the lesson plans I've painstakingly mapped out for the week.

I don't love it when I can't keep my house clean, have any time for myself, or forget to take dinner out of the freezer-again.


I don't love it when I see other homeschool moms building The Eiffel Tower out of Legos, baking croissants from scratch, and studying French as a second language. That's all very lovely, but I'm lucky to get through the core subjects most days.

Forget about all the fun let-your-kid's-interest-guide-you type stuff. Do I have it all wrong?


When I read other homeschool blogs and see all the crafting and smiling, I can't help but feel like I'm messing this whole thing up. Don't their kids whine and complain? Don't those moms scream and yell and cry? Where are their husbands? Because on a bad day? Mine is at work fielding phone calls from my son who's upset because he has "sooooo much work".


So I ask you this, Pro Homeschool Moms...

What does a bad day look like? I know you have them!

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