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Our 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

As much as we have enjoyed our summer filled with sun and sand, I'm eager to get back into the swing of things. I'm excited about our upcoming year and think it's going to be a memory maker! This year I've made some changes to my usual curriculum choices, said good bye to a few textbooks, added in some living books, and even joined a homeschool co-op that we'll attend on Fridays.

We've reached a milestone this year, as we begin our 5th school year. I feel so blessed to still be on this journey and I plan on taking full advantage of this season with my boys!

When life moves in a certain direction the blog seems to follow. You can expect more homeschool posts from me, as I plan to share more of our journey with you. I hope you like that idea! 

Wanna know what our curriculum plans are for the year?

I'm sharing our 3rd grade homeschool curriculum picks! (9th grade coming picks coming soon.)

3rd grade curriculum Math Saxon Math 3 I love Saxon Math. We've used it with my youngest since preschool and just continue on with it. It's comprehensive and has given my son a solid foundation in math.

Writing and Grammar BJU English Grade 3 I feel the same way about Bob Jones! Their curriculum is simple to teach and simple to learn.

Spelling & Vocabulary  I plan to pull lists from literature and other areas of study along with the lists and lesson ideas found in Natural Speller, by Kathryn L. Stout. Her book contains spelling lists for grades 1 through 8 as well as Greek and Latin roots and word lists for even more word study. I also have a fun little Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day, which includes 180 daily vocabulary words that are defined by cute cartoons that can be colored. It seems like a fun twist on a mundane task.

Reading and Literature  Reading and literature is definitely an area where we have so much freedom as homeschoolers and I plan on fully embracing it this year. I sold my old curriculum on eBay and never looked back! I let my son pick from a few classics we have on the bookshelf and he chose Stuart Little, by E.B. WhiteWe'll be starting our literature journey there and I will be sure to keep you posted on our reading and activities!

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Handwriting  I want to teach my son cursive this year. We'll be learning through copywork. No workbook here either!

World History and Geography Mystery of History I looked long and hard for the right curriculum for our family and landed on Mystery of History (MOH). MOH is a multi-age curriculum that covers world history from a chronological and Christian perspective. I wanted something that would give the boys a wide view of world history and not just the tidbits of American History they get from a regular textbook. I'm nearly giddy to get started with this!

We're beginning with Volume 1 this year and I'll be using this for both my 3rd grader and 9th grader. With this curriculum the boys will be learning the same information and topics, but their activities and assignments will be tailored for their individual grade level. (I have more about 9th grade coming soon!) The book contains multi-age activity suggestions.

Around the World in 180 Days I'm taking the same approach with geogrpahy. Around the World in 180 Days is by Apologia, one of my favorite publishers. This is a multi-age curriculum that travels the seven continents in one school year. We'll be learning about the history, culture, and geography of each area. I'll be using this for both boys and adjusting the assignments for their individual grade. This book also contains multi-age activity suggestions. Love that!

American History This is another area of pure bliss for me. I sold our regular history textbooks and can't wait to see where our journey through living books takes us!

Science I cannot say enough great things about Apologia. We love their science curriculum and will be working our way through Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: Exploring Creation with Zoology 1We studied Zoology 2 (Swimming Creatures) last year and have to finish the last few chapters before we open this one. Science is the favorite around here and we don't want to miss one thing! I will also be introducing general science concepts through experiments and activities.

PE/art/music/other electives We joined a homeschool co-op that we'll be attending every Friday beginning September 6th. It's a brand new concept for us and something that is completely outside of my comfort zone. As anxious as I am, I'm more excited to see what God has planned for us there. I took me a while to find a co-op that fit what I was looking for and after much thought and prayer, we've landed with a lovely group of homeschool families. Our special areas of study will be based on the classes the boys sign up for here and the schedule isn't complete yet. I'll be sure to post more about special area subjects soon!

There's new life being breathed into our homeschool and family. I can feel it!

What are you most excited about this school year?

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