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Our 9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

  When I started this crazy thing called homeschooling, I told myself, "We'll homeschool through middle school and then reconsider high school."

Now that I'm here, I can't imagine anything other than continuing on with this amazing journey.

my oldest

So? High school!

That's crazy talk. That's microscopes and dissecting stuff, it's Algebra and Biology, and it's me way outside of my comfort zone!

I truly believe that's when God moves most. When we're completely and utterly dependent on Him. I have a feeling He'll be busy in our home this year, because there is no earthly way I could do it without Him!

I'm busy preparing for the upcoming school year, so I'm writing about it. Planning is my middle name right now. Indulge me.

Here's a peek at our 9th-grade homeschool curriculum! High school, ya'll. Please, send wine. 

9th grade curriculum


Algebra 1 Math-U-See Algebra 1 Math-U-See has been a lifesaver for us! When we began homeschooling I quickly became aware of how much my son struggled with math. Math is actually his strongest subject when it comes to ability, but he often hits a road block. This is the one subject where some of his quirks come out full force. It can be a challenge, but the multi-sensory approach of Math-U-See works for him and we love it.

World History and Geography Mystery of History-Volume 1 Around the World in 180 Days This is the first year I will be combining the boys' curriculum. We will be studying World History and Geography as a family and I'm super excited about it! I won't lie. I'm nervous too, but mostly excited. I wrote more about these choices in my post about our 3rd grade homeschool curriculum picks, so be sure to click over and check out a more detailed explanation. Basically, multi-level teaching is a homeschooling perk I want to take advantage of! The boys will learn the same material but their individual assignments and activities will be grade level appropriate.

Biology Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology Did someone say dissection? That's going to make one heck of a vlog! Oh. My. Goodness. What am I getting myself into?

Grammar and Writing Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 9-Easy Grammar has a no frills, comprehensive approach to grammar and mechanics. This particular book is filled with 180 lessons. (one short grammar lesson each day). I'm still undecided on a specific writing program. We've used Write Shop Junior for my youngest in the past and I'm leaning toward Write Shop 1 this year for my oldest.

Spelling and Vocabulary I'll be pulling lists from the literature we study. I'm also planning to teach the Greek and Latin roots and word lists found in Natural Speller by Kathryn Stout.


Say a prayer for me! It's going to be a busy year!

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