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Our 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks (2014-2015)

Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing our 2014-2015 curriculum picks with all of you. A lot of people ask me what we use throughout the year and it's so nice to be able to just refer readers to these lists.  So without further ado, here are our 4th grade homeschool curriculum picks! 

Our 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Our 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

BJU English: Writing & Grammar Grade 4 I love BJU Press for English. It's simple to use for both the teacher and student. The lesson pages are colorful and easy to understand and, most importantly, they aren't daunting. We get through the lessons in about 30 minutes a day. The chapters rotate between grammar and writing. There's really nothing fancy about it, but it's concise and gets the job done. 

Saxon Math 5/4 Saxon is another favorite for my youngest. We've used it since preschool and I'll probably never switch. I like Saxon because it's comprehensive and trust he's getting a solid foundation now for the more challenging years ahead. 

Natural Speller I basically create spelling lists based on words my son asks me how to spell. Whenever he's asking how to spell something I pick up on those blends that seem to escape him and create lists based on those needs. I use Natural Speller to take the guess work out of creating the lists. This book contains lists for grades 1-8, and I like it because I don't have to stick to one grade level. If he's progressing well, I pull from more challenging lists.  

Vocabulary Cartoon Of The Day  180 words, one word a day. Each word is accompanied by a silly little cartoon and my son loves to color them! Nothing fancy, but a huge vocab builder. Each day I have him write the word, copy the definition, and use it in a sentence. Done.   

A Reason For Handwriting (Cursive D-4th grade) Each lesson contains practice letters and groups of letters from a different Scripture verse. Then at the end of the week all the practice comes together and your child will write the entire verse on practice paper. Easy peasy! Each lesson is quick and takes no more than 10 minutes or so. I don't require my son to write in cursive all the time, but it's a skill I want him to have. It's just simple cursive practice and scripture memory. Love. 

Exploring Creation with Astronomy I can't say enough good things about Apologia. We are forever fans of their curriculum and this year we're heading into a study of Astronomy! Apologia teaches science using the immersion method. Instead of getting little bits and pieces of science basics, your child is completely immersed in one subject for the whole entire year. There are 14 incremental lessons that include tons of hands-on activities. 

Mystery of History We use MOH for our main history spine. I say "main" because we tend to veer off sometimes and go in different direction when it comes to history. I think it's just one of those subjects that has so much flexibility. Last year we started MOH Volume 1, and we are still truckin' along in that same book this year. MOH is a classical chronological approach to history with a strong biblical worldview. You'll find multi-age activities, book and video lists, memory helps, timeline suggestions, quizzes, and map work all in one! 

And last but not least, we'll be doing novel studies for reading and literature. First up?

The City of Ember (The First Book of Ember)

I've found a ton of random FREE resources online for this, but here's one that I actually purchased. 

The City of Ember, Novel Units Teacher's Guide, Grades 5-6

We also have co-op.

For us, co-op is extras, social time, and hands-on fun.

You can read about why I love homeschool co-op so much and follow along throughout the year, as I'm going to be sharing more about our co-op experience than I did last year. I promise! 

4th grade first semester co-op class picks:

Astronomy-we'll be reading the text above from Apologia and all the experiments and hands-on activities will be done together as a group in class. Good times! 

Christmas Around The World

Florida History 

Phew! That was a mouth full to get out. 

Here's to a great homeschool year, friends!

Oh, and I almost forgot.

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