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10 Things No One Tells You About Homeschooling

10 Things No One Tells You About Homeschooling

#1 You will get tired of being with your kids. 

Most homeschool moms will tell you they cherish the extra time with their children. They'll tell you that it's time you'll never get back and that you'll be making family memories that will last a lifetime and blah, blah, blah. 

BUT? I'm only human and sometimes I just want to be alone! I have to be intentional about making time for me. 

You will get so tired of your kids that you'll feel awful for feeling that way, but it's OK. Don't beat yourself up. You need just a break.

#2 Your house will never be clean again.

I used to be a pretty decent housekeeper. Then we started homeschooling. 

Everything I thought I had mastered about keeping a house in order flew out the window when I had to start lesson planning and juggling the duties of being a mom and a teacher. There will be days when your laundry, dirty dishes, and homeschool clutter take over. 

Do your best. Make an effort. But it's never going to be perfect!

#3 Being the mom and teacher is hard. 

It will be tough to juggle all the hats you'll wear. Your kids won't treat you like they would treat a regular teacher because, well...you're their mom. Some days schoolwork will be a battle. Don't take it personally.

#4 You will have embarrassing meltdowns in front of your kids.

Meltdowns should happen in private. But? There's little privacy in homeschooling (see #1), and there will be days when you crack. 

Days like this have humbled me. I'm not perfect and I never want my kids to feel like they have to be either. I've had to apologize a thousand times for being a jerk, and we all learn grace together. 

#5 It will be hard to make appointments. 

There's no dropping the kids off at school and running an errand alone. You'll never grace the aisles of the grocery store without an entourage and you can forget about your own doctor appointments. 

There will be a time when you consider a field trip to the gynecologist. 

#6 You don't have to complete every lesson. 

For the record, I don't think we've ever completed every lesson of any curriculum we've used in seven years of homeschooling.

It's all I can do to the get through the end of May. If we're not done with it by then, we're stopping anyway. The kids work hard for me all year. I'm not going to stress if we don't get to every single stinkin' page in the math book. 

Close the books. Breathe. It will all there come fall. Your child isn't going to be any worse off with a summer break! 

#7 Your kids won't always like it. 

After five years of public school, my oldest always seemed to appreciate being home. My youngest, on the other hand, has never been in a traditional classroom. School is just school to him and most days he'd rather be doing something else. 

#8 Your husband won't be that involved. 

My husband's support comes in the form of him working his tail off to keep me home with the kids. For the most part, I make the decisions about school. He believes in the calling and wants me to do this thing, but he doesn't want to talk to me for hours about curriculum choices

#9 There will always be people who don't get it. 

Quit waiting for everyone to get it. Be content with your decision for you and your family. Be confident and secure, yet loving and kind when dealing with naysayers. There will always be somebody who says something stupid about your choice. So what. 

#10 You will worry about socialization. 

I think we're so tired of defending this topic, that we're afraid to admit we do actually worry about it.

While I love that I have some control over what my boys are exposed to and where they go, I don't want them to be so sheltered they're completely cut off from the real world. I try to find some balance. We've done co-ops, field trips and the like for years, but it can be admittedly challenging when your kid outgrows those kinds of activities.

Currently, our family is in a stage of change. One is off to college and the other is navigating those teen years. My youngest is about to be without his big brother for the first time in his whole life. Hold me.

What are the things no one told you about homeschooling?

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