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The Truth About Homeschool Curriculum

The Truth About Homeschool Curriculum

Are you shopping for homeschool curriculum? I'm sorry. I feel your pain. 

7 Homeschool Curriculum Truths

Want to know the truth about homeschool curriculum?

You should know that any of the curriculum mentioned on this blog is something that I have legitimately tried. I may have even used it for an extended period of time, but I also need you to know that we change our minds A LOT. 

It's been very challenging finding what works for my youngest and every year I begin with a fresh line up of resources, books, and curriculum. I'm excited. Renewed. Inspired. 

Then, nine weeks later reality hits and I realize I wasted a bunch of money on something I should have known better not to buy. 

I've wasted hundreds of dollars through trial and error, so please know, I reserve the right to change my recommendations at any time. If there is a curriculum post on this site that you're pinning, reading, or believing in any way I have it together, stop now. Find another blog. 

Any homeschool curriculum list I've ever created has never been the reality of what our year actually ends up looking like. So just know that.

Also, I hope it goes without saying that it's never been my intention to lead to believe we're using something I don't like. I truly am this out of touch with reality at the beginning of a school year. By the time I realize nothing I planned is working I'm too busy to write a follow-up. Yeah. I know it's been like seven years since I wrote some of these, but hey, who's counting?

Some of the most popular posts on this blog are my curriculum posts. SO boring. But? It inspired me to tell you the truth about homeschool curriculum. Enjoy! 

7 Homeschool Curriculum Truths You Need To Know

  • There's no perfect curriculum. In the end, you just need to cover each subject. Don't make it harder than it has to be. 
  • You will waste money and hate yourself for it. I can't tell you how many times I purchased curriculum only to find out it wasn't a fit. It's frustrating, but it's going to happen. eBay is your friend. I resell a ton of stuff each year. 
  • It's ok to change your mind. Nothing is worse than feeling stuck using curriculum that isn't working for you or kids. Embrace the freedom to switch things up when you need to! 
  • Your spouse doesn't care what you buy. There isn't much more I can say about this other than I think my husband's least favorite subject is homeschool curriculum. 
  • A lot of it is all the same. SO many choices. SO little variety. I swear you can spend the rest of your life researching homeschool curriculum or scrolling blogs and Pinterest to see what others are using but that rabbit hole is deep, my friend! Just make a choice already and hope for the best. If not? there's always eBay! 
  • Keeping up with the Jones' is exhausting. Who cares what your homeschool neighbor is doing. I repeat. Who cares!
  • Maybe you like it, but oh well. What works for you might not work for your kid. This is hard. Sometimes I find something that fits my needs as a teacher (lesson planning, organization), but it's not a fit for my son. In my experience, if it doesn't work for your child, don't even bother. 

Here's a roundup of other homeschool curriculum posts. Lies! 

(Random years. I'm consistently inconsistent.)

Our 3rd Grade Grade Curriculum Surprisingly accurate. I love when they're little. 

4th grade 4th grade was HARD.

7th grade The most money I ever wasted. 

9th grade Family style history is zero fun when your kids are 6 years apart. History fail! 

homeschool curriculum truth

Happy shopping! 


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